Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Changes!

Well, for the past week I have been working on a number of exciting changes. Today, they have all been completed!
  1. New Location - This blog has moved! We are no longer on a blogspot domain. Our new domain name is The old blog will still be around for a while, but all new articles will be posted on the new site.
  2. New Name - As a part of our move, we have changed our name! Because someone else already has registered the domain name, we had to choose a new name. After a lot of consideration and discussion, we decided to choose the name "Debt-free Scholar". Almost the same as our old name, Debt-free College", the only difference is in the last word.
  3. New Backround - We have also transfered from the Blogger platform to the Wordpress platform. The new blog has a new (and in my opinion better) backround. I look forward to hearing what you think about it.
  4. New Pages - We have also added an About page and a Contact/Connect page. Hopefully these new pages will make Debt-free Scholar more enjoyable for you, my loyal readers.
  5. Other Changes - I have also made numerous other small changes that I felt would make this blog more user-friendly. For example, I have now opened the comments sections on posts. Please feel free to explore the new site.
Note to RSS Subscribers: If you are subscribed to my RSS feed, you do not need to resubscribe to my new blog; the feed is automatically transferred.

What Do You Think?

Please visit the new site and tell me in the comments what you think about all these changes.